About Me

My Work at Microsoft

I work with Microsoft’s PowerShell team. I maintain the PowerShell Editor Services (the Language Server Protocol server) and the accompanying Visual Studio Code extension. It’s awesome to see how far pwsh as come since we released it on GitHub, and I’m excited to be working on editor tools, a known hobby of mine.

I previously worked on the Open Enclave SDK, creating its Community Management Committee, and helping launch the Confidential Computing Consortium with the Linux Foundation. Earlier, I worked on porting Mesos to Windows in partnership with Mesosphere, and before that I put PowerShell not just on Linux, but open source on GitHub.


If my blog or code has helped you and you want to thank me, I would appreciate donations made to any of these nonprofits. Please let me know if you do so and I may match it.

GitHub project related questions should be submitted as issues to the relevant repository.


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