PowerShell on GitHub

I have been pretty busy over the past year. After starting work as a software engineer with the Microsoft Open Source Technology Center June 1, 2016, my life has been a non-stop drive to put a cross-platform port of PowerShell on GitHub.

Today that happened:

I would like to especially thank my bosses, John Fawcett and Li Li, my mentors Peter Honeder, Paul Allen, Garrett Serack, and James Truher, and of course, many fellow coworkers: Alex Jordan, George Fleming, Sergei Vorobev, Joey Aiello, Raghu Shantha, Travis Plunk, Jason Shirk, Dongbo Wang, David Wilson, Steve Lee, Francisco Gamino, Mike Richmond, Angel Calvo, Jeff Coffler, John Kordich, Jan Kotas, Stephen Toub, Jan Vorlicek, among so many others that I’m certain I cannot name them all.

Expect follow up posts on my last year’s worth of adventures here at Microsoft, and my upcoming trip to LinuxCon.