Net Neutrality

If you use the Internet, you probably have heard about Net Neutrality. Essentially, the big telecommunication corporations are in cohoots with the FCC, specifically the current chairman, Tom Wheeler a prior telecom CEO, to allow ISPs to extort websites for full access to their visitors' bandwidth. This is the letter I sent via Dear FCC. I urge you to be as loud as possible about our fight.

As a soon to be graduate of the computer science program at the University of Idaho, I spend more of time on the Internet than probably most people. Very similar to the United States core principles, the Internet’s decentralized architecture gives equality to all. When I read some small-time blogger’s articles, it should load with the exact same resources given to it as some giant newspaper corporation. No one should have to worry about being “choked out” because they couldn’t afford the blackmail that is pay-to-play Internet.

There is a huge distinction between a company like Netflix providing the resources to setup a CDN with an ISP to be able to provide better service, and allowing an ISP to extort a company so that their website can be given more of their visitor’s available bandwidth.

Net Neutrality is about freedom and equality for all. Honestly, the Internet has quickly become one of our world’s vital infrastructures, perhaps nearly as important as electricity itself. It sounds weird to say it, but not only is it true, it will only become more so with time.

Please support Net Neutrality. Hell, it may even be wise to classify ISPs as infrastructure, and treat them like we treat our utilities, but that’s another discussion.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is our digital rights defender. I am a card-carrying member, and you should be too.