IFTTT: programming for the Internet

So here is a cool tool that I have used for quite a while: If This, Then That. It provides an almost meta-programming ability for the Internet. You setup an IFTTT recipe by connecting various channels (e.g. feeds, Twitter, email, Android phones) to each other via triggers (if this) and actions (then that).

For instance, when my bank, Simple (that is an invite, not referral, link) posts an update to their status blog, I almost immediately receive it as an email (all because of the power of RSS/Atom feeds).

This post originally started as a simple test for a new recipe (that will post my blog entries to my Twitter), but I figured I might as well mention this awesome tool while I was at it.

Also, apparently the acronym “IFTTT is pronounced like ‘gift’ without the ‘g.'”